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The Ecobears Book – Ecobears is an exciting and action packed children’s book with a message of caring for the environment and the protection of the Earth’s resources. In a far off galaxy there is a lush and vibrant planet known as Vynen. Ecobears are highly intelligent creatures who watch over plants and animals on planets all across the universe, protecting them from harm. They travel vast distances across space to strange worlds with unimaginable forms of life, with their only aim being the protection of endangered species (whatever they may be). When the evil bears known as Krakkov and Dilus (The Bear Reaper) are located on a distant planet the brave Ecobears must quickly jump into action. These villains are known well on the planet Vynen and wherever they go, trouble quickly follows. Can they protect the planet from certain destruction? Join the Ecobears in their first action packed book to find out.

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Ecobears Gallery

About Ecobears

Ecobears have been crafting Teddy Bears of quality and artistic excellence with a difference, since being established in 1996. All our bears are individually hand-made, so each is unique – and no two bears can ever be exactly the same. We choose and incorporate traditional mohair with modern natural fibres & recycled materials, to encourage the concept of Earth Friendly sustainability – designed to last an Eco-lifetime.

Latest Ecobears News

  • Ecobears – Characters with a Meaningful Message

    We hope you enjoy reading this great article in the Examiner, by Meagan Meehan 😀 http://www.examiner.com/article/ecobears-characters-with-a-meaningful-message  Tweet

  • The Ecobears Game

    This is the old version of the game. But still fun 😀The Ecobears Game Tweet

  • Miss WWF_Climate Bear & Panda

    ‘Miss WWF_Climate Bear & Panda’ – was designed and donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature, as official mascot to accompany them to COP15, Copenhagen, December 2009. Miss WWF heads to Copenhagen carrying the reminder to ‘Vote Earth’ 14″ tall, freestanding, fully poseable one of a kind piece. Miss WWF is made from a …

  • Miss Solar Bear

    Miss Solar Bear – one of a kind freestanding, fully poseable handmade Ecobear. As like all other Ecobears she’s made using renewable solar energy. She was created in 2010 as an advocate for solar energy use, to share the message that we can all use solar energy in our daily lives, wherever we live in …

  • Chukki the Lonely Chicken

    Last year we had a few chickens who turned out to be fun to have around and a bonus if they laid any eggs. We lost a couple along the way, campo life being what it is; harsh & cruel at times. One of the hens was taken out by a huge eagle who had …

  • Planting Trees

    A little while back the blossom kicked off this year’s spring season, bringing its pink & white snowy bloom throughout the valley. This prompted discussions about the possibility of us planting several new fruit trees. Only a few to start with; a small area to compliment the 100’s (literally!) of olive, almond, fig & pine …

  • Ecobears – 4 Leap Years old today!

    Wow, how time flies – today is Ecobears’ Birthday – 4 whole Leap Years. Or 16 in normal years. The very first Ecobear named Harvest was born 29th February, 1996 in Yorkshire, England. It only seems like yesterday! We kept the original Harvest in a suitcase for prosperity – and to see how well he …

  • Trains, Planes, Weddings & Bears

    Well, it has to be said our latest trip to the UK was pretty nerve jangling and full-on to say the least.  It all began with a simple train journey from our home town of Flix to Barcelona – about two & a half hours in total. The plan was to have a relaxing night …

  • History of Ecobears

    Ecobears began life on February 29th 1996, as a combination of two passions: soft-toymaking and environmental interest. In 1993 a man named John Parkinson made fabrics that mixed hemp with mungo (wool fibres obtained from cloth), and shoddy (shredded pieces of old cloth) from a company in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England.  The hemp was grown …

  • Just in Time for Christmas

    So – at last, at long, long last – it’s finally arrived.  A moment of eternally awaited anticipation, of endless patience and belief that ‘one day’, yes ‘one day’ it will happen. It began all of twelve years ago; the idea for an ‘Ecobears’ children’s book.  It was so obvious back then.  It all made …

  • Teddy Bear Beginnings

    Over 100 years prior to the conception of Ecobears the Teddy Bear was born as a result of political satire. In 1902 the Governor of Mississippi invited President Theodore Roosevelt on a hunting trip, while the President was on a trip to settle a border dispute with Louisiana.  Mr. Roosevelt, an avid sportsman, accepted.  While …

  • Brand new Ecobears website

    The brand new Ecobears website is now live. There’s lots for you to see including previews of the book, photos, character profiles and more. You can get your copy of the book from any good retailer. Tweet

  • The Ecobears… Coming Soon!

    The Ecobears is a brand new book for children, by David Sterricker & Yvonne Jane Wright. Illustrated by UK illustrator, Calvin Innes. Due for release in late 2011 by My Little Big Town. More details will follow shortly including details on how to pre-order your copy of the book. Tweet

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